Microsoft’s security has fallen into the hands of hackers…how could this happen?

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Noha ahmed22 ديسمبر 2023
Microsoft’s security has fallen into the hands of hackers…how could this happen?

Microsoft recently revealed the exploits of a group of hackers that highlighted vulnerabilities in widely used known verification character technology, raising questions about the reliability of the verification systems used on the Internet to ensure that web users are human. Questioned. as a “verification code”.

Microsoft revealed that a hacker group calling itself Storm-1152 sold 750 million fake accounts on Microsoft services to allow cybercriminals to operate online.

The following is an overview of the unprecedented nature of this case:

Storm-1152 is a hacker group believed to be operating in Vietnam. Its steps are based on automatically bypassing all the authentication requirements required to set up a Microsoft account.

The network’s favorite targets are CAPTCHAs, which are widely used windows on the Internet that require users to reproduce a string of letters or numbers or click on a section that displays an image of a bus or stairs to confirm that the user is human. Not a robot.

However, the authentication process started to become outdated, and Storm-1152 hackers found a way to circumvent it and automate it, allowing them to create millions of fake accounts.

How did they crack Microsoft security?

François Deruti, an expert at cybersecurity firm Sequoia, explained that to achieve this, there must be “a little bit of machine learning” behind it, meaning these hackers taught their hacking tools how to Click on the correct location when viewing the verification image.

The Storm-1152 hackers then sold these fake accounts on the site to people who wanted to carry out attacks, such as phishing emails, ransomware or denial-of-service server attacks, to make the pages inaccessible, Deruti said.

The organization’s name is well known. While other countries such as China, Russia, Iran and North Korea often make headlines for hacking attacks, Vietnam’s hacker groups are making progress every year, similar to those in India or Turkey, Druti said.

Microsoft has blocked part of its website on U.S. soil after a federal court ruling authorized the shutdown of the servers hosting the site. But experts predict that “they must have other sites elsewhere, which must be shut down through international cooperation, which often happens.”

There are some new technologies, such as multi-factor authentication, such as receiving code via SMS, but they may not last long before hackers discover their flaws.

There are other methods, such as security keys provided by banks, that are more secure, but deploying these new methods is expensive and takes a long time, and Microsoft still maintains older versions of its various programs.

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