Microsoft provides artificial intelligence to startups

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Noha ahmed3 ديسمبر 2023
Microsoft provides artificial intelligence to startups

Microsoft hopes to allow some high-quality startups to use supercomputing resources in the Azure cloud for free to develop artificial intelligence models.


The company announced an update to its Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, which includes free AI infrastructure options from Azure for clusters of virtual machines to train and run generative models on advanced NVIDIA GPUs, including large language models like ChatGPT.


Y Combinator startup accelerator and startup founder community have access to groups in private preview.


Microsoft describes Y Combinator as an ideal seed partner because of its track record of working with early-stage startups.


“As part of this initial preview, we are working closely with Y Combinator to prioritize applications in the current queue and focus on tasks that drive innovation, such as training and fine-tuning use cases,” the company said.


It should be noted that this is not the first time Microsoft has tried to gain support from startups under the Y Combinator banner.


In 2015, the company awarded $500,000 in Azure credits to Y Combinator startups, a move seen at the time as an attempt to distance the startups from competing in the cloud.


Microsoft does not deny that its cluster of GPU virtual machines used for AI training and inference is following the same selfish path.


Microsoft said: We believe that the Azure cloud is the best system for building artificial intelligence solutions, and we give priority to solutions that rely on Azure.


She added: This service is aimed at new startups built on Azure and is part of our vision to make Azure the cloud of choice for building artificial intelligence solutions.


Microsoft is working with M12 Ventures affiliates, its venture funds, and startups in the M12 portfolio to expand access to these groups.


Over time, Microsoft plans to partner with more startup accelerators, with the goal of lowering the barriers for promising startups to train and run artificial intelligence models.


Microsoft addresses a broad need among the startup community by allowing early-stage startups to use credits to train and fine-tune their AI models.


Not only will startups be able to run their AI models across clusters indefinitely for free, but they will also receive limited-time access designed to help startups test and pilot their processes rather than run them.

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