Microsoft launches app to help blind people with Android devices

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Noha ahmed16 ديسمبر 2023
Microsoft launches app to help blind people with Android devices

American technology and software giant Microsoft announced the launch of an application version that uses artificial intelligence technology Seeing AI to work with the smart device operating system Android to help blind and visually impaired people, and pointed out that the version can be downloaded from the Play Store application store. Supports 18 languages, and Microsoft plans to support 36 more languages ​​next year.

The Seeing AI app can describe a person’s location and surroundings through sound and is designed to help blind and visually impaired people perform tasks such as reading emails, identifying products, and hearing photo descriptions. Users point the smartphone camera in any direction, allowing the app to describe the content of the image captured by the camera., a website that specializes in technology topics, notes that the app contains different categories for a variety of tasks. For example, the Short Text feature reads text aloud when held in front of the camera. As for the “people” function, as long as the camera falls on the person’s face, it will identify the people around the person. The Currency function will help determine what kind of banknote the user is dealing with. The Sense feature allows users to hear a description of the location where the photo was taken.

Users can also move their finger on the screen while the image is displayed to understand the location of various elements in the image. Seeing.i can also read handwritten text and recognize colors.

Notably, the Seeing AI app is currently available for iPhone and iPad smartphones running the iOS operating system. Meanwhile, both the Android and iOS versions include newer features, such as a more detailed description of the image, and the option to ask questions about any file being scanned, such as the contents of any of its menus or the price of an item on a bill. You can also request an abstract of any article from within the app.

In this context, Saqib Sheikh, the creator of the Seeing AI application, posted on the Internet: “We have more than 3 billion Android device users worldwide. Providing the Seeing AI application on this platform will enable many people with Vision to Benefit from this technology in your daily life. New versions of it will also be launched, while continuing to rely on user reviews and opinions to add more improvements to future versions.

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