Microsoft brings Seeing AI to Android

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Noha ahmed6 ديسمبر 2023
Microsoft brings Seeing AI to Android

Microsoft has brought the Seeing AI app to Android devices, which you can download from the Google Play Store.

This free app is designed to help determined people make sense of the world around them with the help of smartphone cameras and AI-powered narration.

Microsoft noted that the Android app leverages the company’s latest advances in generating artificial intelligence and has the same benefits as the iOS version.

With over 3 billion Android users, the app could help improve the quality of life for many people.

Microsoft created the new AI feature with the help of user feedback, and the company noted that the app now provides detailed descriptions of images.

By default, Seeing AI provides a brief summary of what the image depicts, and when the user clicks on the “More Information” icon, the application generates an in-depth description of the image.

The app tells you the location of different objects as you move your finger across the screen, and it can also import images from other apps.

Microsoft previously rolled out another feature that asked questions about files after receiving user reviews.

After scanning the document, users can ask Seeing AI questions about menu items or the price of items on their bill.

Users can also ask the app to summarize articles they have scanned. Seeing AI provides users with audio instructions on how to scan the page.

Seeing AI gives users many other ways to learn about the world around them, simply by pointing a camera at an object or taking a picture of it.

Once the camera picks it up, the app reads a short piece of text and can scan the barcode and provide product information, such as the name and details on the packaging (if available), which is particularly useful when handling medications.

The app helps identify people, their facial expressions, currency, color and brightness, and is also able to read handwritten text in certain languages.

Microsoft is launching the Seeing AI app on Android in conjunction with the International Day of People with Disabilities. The app is currently available in 18 languages, and the company plans to expand this number to 36 languages ​​in 2024.

Microsoft brings Seeing AI to Android

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