Just days away from launch… Here are the most important features of Apple’s “iOS 17” system

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Jon11 سبتمبر 2023
Just days away from launch… Here are the most important features of Apple’s “iOS 17” system

Apple launched its latest version of its operating system, iOS 17, in June last year. It is still in beta testing and is expected to be launched simultaneously with the new iPhone later this September.

“iOS 17” represents a major release of the “Apple” operating system, which upgrades the mobile communication experience, “FaceTime” and messaging, makes sharing easier with the “AirDrop” function, and provides smarter input, improves speed and accuracy. type.

iOS 17 also introduces new experiences for Journal, a new app launching later this year that makes it easier to get into the journaling habit, and Standby, a new way to display information when you Set up and charge your “iPhone”.

Major upgrade in mobile phone experience
The mobile app will receive a major update with custom contact stickers, giving users new ways to express themselves.

Users can customize how they appear, giving incoming calls a new look, choosing how to display photos or Memoji, and choosing fonts and colors.

Custom contact stickers are also available for third-party contact apps.

Live Voicemail enables users to view a transcript in real time as someone leaves a voicemail, and provides the caller with the opportunity to reply when they leave a message based on what was said.

Spam calls identified by the carrier as direct voicemail will not notify the user and will be rejected immediately.

What’s new in FaceTime
The FaceTime app in new versions of the operating system supports audio and video messages, so if you don’t answer the call, the person on the other end can leave you a video recording or audio message.

FaceTime now also supports reactions such as hearts, balloons, fireworks, lasers, and rain.

As for the Apple TV 4K update, it allows FaceTime to work on the big screen at home.

Using the Continuity Camera, Apple TV 4K acts as a camera for FaceTime calls, so users can now initiate video calls directly from their iOS device, or initiate a call on their iPhone and then stream it to their iOS device.

The Center Stage feature gives users a perfect picture even when moving around the room, and comes with all the other FaceTime features, including forwarding calls between iOS devices and TVs.

New look and messaging updates
When it comes to Messages, the operating system (iOS 17) offers some important additions, since in addition to allowing the use of emojis on pictures and messages (such as stickers), all emojis are already available in the form of stickers in the Messages app.

You can also create live collages from photos using the Remove Subject from Background feature introduced in iOS 16.

Users can also add effects to dynamic stickers to make them more alive. If you use Live Photos, you’ll be able to get animated stickers that you can share in the Messages app.

Searches become more precise with search filters, where users can start a search and add additional filters to narrow down results and find exactly what they’re looking for, and one-time verification codes provided by the Messages app can be automatically removed.

If you’re having trouble staying connected in a group chat or with someone who’s sending a lot of messages, there’s a new arrow to see where you left off so you can see what’s in the conversation you haven’t read yet.

When you send a voice message, the message is automatically transcribed so users can read it immediately or listen to it later.

When it comes to sharing your location in Messages, it’s even simpler. When a user shares their location, it updates in real time in the conversation.

Messages also offers a “check-in” feature, an important safety feature that allows users to let family or friends know they have arrived safely at their destination.

After enabling this feature, the person you want to contact will receive a reminder when you arrive at your destination. If you do not do so in time or the progress is stopped, the contact can see your phone’s location, battery level, and phone status. Determine if you need help. Any information shared is end-to-end encrypted.

Share easier with AirDrop and NameDrop
A new sharing method has been added to AirDrop, and the NameDrop feature allows users to share contact information by bringing their iPhone closer, or bringing their iPhone closer to their Apple Watch (Apple Watch).

Bringing iPhones closer also allows users to share and transfer content or launch SharePlay to listen to music, watch movies, or play games.

Later this year, AirDrop will allow large file transfers starting from two phones in close proximity and ending with iCloud.

Autocorrect and dictation improvements
As for the auto-correction function, it has also been fully updated to improve the user’s experience and accuracy every time they write.

The feature has also been updated to better support writing, and errors can be corrected at the sentence level to avoid grammatical errors.

iOS 17 users will receive built-in predictive text suggestions while writing to better predict what the user wants to say, so Autofill provides complete sentences with built-in predictions while writing, so adding a full word or completing a sentence will become easy.

Display information when mobile phone is charging
iOS 17 introduces a standby feature that allows users to enjoy a full-screen experience and see information from a distance when the phone is turned on its side while charging.

This feature is ideal when placing the phone on a table, and can be customized to display a range of clock styles, favorite photos or widgets.

With support for Live Activity, Siri, incoming calls, and larger notifications, Standby keeps iPhone functioning even when it’s out of reach.

When charging with “MagSafe,” the feature remembers the user’s preferred viewing style, making it easy to display “Standby” mode at any time by tapping the screen, and features available on “iPhone 14 Pro” are always on the screen.

A new way to appreciate life’s moments
Although it’s not yet available, Apple’s new operating system offers a “Journal” app designed to record your daily thoughts and activities, which has been shown to improve well-being.

iPhone uses cross-device machine learning to suggest topics for you to write about based on your recent activities throughout the day, including taking photos, visiting people and places, exercising, and more. Regular notifications help develop the habit of journaling.

With the ability to lock down apps, use cross-device processing and end-to-end encryption, the company designed Journal to protect user privacy and ensure no one can access their data.

Third-party apps can provide journaling suggestions, but everything is password-protected.

Privacy and accessibility updates
Privacy updates include expanded communication security beyond messaging to help keep kids safe when they send and receive content via AirDrop, contact stickers, FaceTime messages, and use the image picker to select content to send.

Privacy has also been extended to include video content in addition to still images. New sensitive content warnings help adult users avoid viewing unwanted photos and videos.

As with communications security, all image and video processing for sensitive content warnings occurs on the device, so Apple cannot access the content.

Accessibility updates include Assistive Access, a customizable interface that helps users with cognitive disabilities use iPhone more easily and independently, and Personal Voice, which allows users at risk of aphasia There is an option to create a voice that sounds like your own.

The Point and Talk feature helps blind or visually impaired users read text on physical objects by pointing.

Devices that support iOS 17
iOS 17 is compatible with iPhone XR and iPhone. These devices can run iOS 16 but cannot be updated to iOS 17.

Here’s the full list of supported phones:

“iPhone 14”.
“iPhone 14 Plus.”
“iPhone 14 Pro.”
“iPhone 14 Pro Max.”
“iPhone 13”.
“iPhone 13 mini.”
“iPhone 13 Pro”.
“iPhone 13 Pro Max.”
“iPhone 12”.
“iPhone 12 mini.”
“iPhone 12 Pro”.
“iPhone 12 Pro Max.”
“iPhone 11”.
“iPhone 11 Pro”.
“iPhone 11 Pro Max”.
“iPhone XS Max.”
“iPhone XR”
iPhone SE (2nd generation or later).

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