Google’s new artificial intelligence system surpasses ChatGPT

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Noha ahmed16 ديسمبر 2023
Google’s new artificial intelligence system surpasses ChatGPT

Multiple reports show that Google’s recently released artificial intelligence system “Gemini” performed better than the free version of ChatGPT 3.5 in a series of tests, indicating that the Internet giant is making a strong move into the field of artificial intelligence.

The Gemini Ultra tool is the commercial version of the system, which is powerful and can be trained to handle different types of media such as text, images, video and audio. According to Insider, the tool outperformed human experts by 90% on the Large Multilingual Understanding task (MMLU), which brings together fields such as mathematics, physics, history, law, and medicine.

Google said that “Gemini Ultra” is more proficient in processing multimedia than other artificial intelligence tools, which means that it can process multiple types of video, image and audio data based on user commands, while other artificial intelligence systems rely on processing each types of video, image and audio data. command separately.

The system is also good at providing answers on topics such as history, law, Python coding, and other tasks that require complex thinking.

Eli Collins, an official at Google’s artificial intelligence unit DeepMind, said Gemini Ultra can understand “precise” information in text, images, sounds and code, noting that some of the data used to develop the app came from public Internet sources.

However, according to the test, “Chat GPT” performed slightly ahead of “Gemini Ultra” in assessing logical thinking ability in daily tasks. Nonetheless, “Gemini Ultra” was still significantly better than its competitors, especially because it also Ability to understand content instantly. For example, real-time video and human conversations.

Gemini is divided into three types: “Ultra” type, which is used for commercial purposes; “Pro” type, which is a highly advanced version that exceeds the functions of the Ultra version; and “Pro” type, which is a highly advanced version that exceeds the functions of the Ultra version. Nano type, components suitable for digital devices. So far, the system only supports English.

Google has upgraded the chatbot owned by Bard through the Gemini system, which runs on artificial intelligence. The system can also run on Google devices such as smartphones and its digital platforms (including search engines).

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