Google launches Arabic AI tool ‘Bard’

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Jon14 يوليو 2023
Google launches Arabic AI tool ‘Bard’

Google, through its Middle East and Africa office, has announced that it will make available to users from Thursday, July 13, 2023, an Arabic version of the artificial intelligence tool “Bard”, which has a competitive function and can be accessed through the use of the famous search engine.

At a press conference with several Arab media outlets, Google said the trial version of its artificial intelligence-based tool includes new features for the Arab world, starting with a user interface that supports right-to-left Arabic, understanding Egyptian and Questions in 16+ Arabic dialects, including Saudi Arabia, and language alternation when asking questions in Arabic that include foreign language terms.

The AI ​​tool will allow users to hear answers aloud through text-to-speech technology and get three draft answers in Arabic via Google Search, Google employees explained at a meeting on Wednesday.

Asked by the “Sanad” agency about the effectiveness of AI-based translation of text into Arabic compared to the “Google Translate” product, a company spokesperson said that the Arabic version of “Bard” is still experimental and that There is no concrete answer yet to judge the accuracy of its translation.

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