Google brings generative artificial intelligence to advertisers

Noha ahmed
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Noha ahmed4 ديسمبر 2023
Google brings generative artificial intelligence to advertisers

Google has launched a new artificial intelligence ad creation tool that allows advertisers to create headlines, ad descriptions and images using artificial intelligence.


The tools also include the ability to edit imagery produced by Product Studio, powered by artificial intelligence.


These tools allow advertisers to use artificial intelligence to convert text into new product images for free. It is useful for advertising agencies and companies that lack in-house designers, as the text and images generated can be easily reused.


Google also confirmed that the tool will not create identical images to avoid similar images used by two competing companies.


The technology also offers the possibility to improve low-quality images without reshooting and removing annoying backgrounds.


On the other hand, ad creators using Google’s Performance Maximizer campaigns product can create ads tailored to Google sites like search and shopping.


Google is enhancing its Performance Maximization campaigns product in 2021 to make it more effective and sustainable, introducing improvements and new features such as campaign-level brand exclusions, asset group reporting, and search topics.


There are also advanced photo editing solutions like Magic Editor available for users of the new Google Pixel 8 phones. This solution allows clients to update existing visual advertising and make relevant changes without losing the original elements of the design.


With the help of this technology, companies can create professional images for their advertisements without the need for expensive photo shoots. Retailers using Next Merchant Center can also leverage artificial intelligence tools to create advertising content. All of this content goes through the SynthID AI tagging process to ensure that AI-generated content can be traced

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