Amazon develops Olympus to fight ChatGPT and Bard

Noha ahmed
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Noha ahmed27 نوفمبر 2023
Amazon develops Olympus to fight ChatGPT and Bard

Amazon is investing millions of dollars to develop the Olympus model, which will be run by Prasad’s team from the Alexa division.


The goal is to integrate Olympus into its stores and Alexa speakers to make its cloud services attractive to enterprise customers.


Amazon is also considering a local model to bolster its appeal, with Olympus expected to launch it in December.


Amazon is seeking to lead in artificial intelligence, investing heavily in Anthropic and making artificial intelligence a priority under CEO Andy Jassy.


Additionally, the Olympus may be one of the largest AI models, containing 2 trillion parameters, but experts warn that its capacity is limited compared to smaller models.


Amazon has delayed the launch of another model due to technical issues and is focusing on enhancing the Nile project and integrating artificial intelligence into Alexa.

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